Really helped me out in getting my son's ROTC uniform pressed in time before they closed.

This place is all I want in a dry cleaners: fair prices, cleaned clothes and no scares.

I've been going here for at least four months after having several major debacles and feeling quite robbed by a dry cleaners on Central that was closer to home. This place is out of the way for me entirely as I never have reason to go out towards Kirtland Air Force Base, but I readily make the trip because having a reliabe dry cleaner is indispensable. 

The prices here are the best I've found: blazers get cleaned for $4.10 and a suit will cost you $6.75. I've paid double at other places here in Albuquerque, which just seems so out of whack with the prices for other items and services around the city. But the price is not the only great part about here, as the place does a good job with my clothes and I've never had a nightmare episode here. If you're wondering what I could possibly mean by nightmare episode, a good example would be the time I took a suit to get dry cleaned, paid about $15 and only after I got it home did I realize that all the front buttons had been snipped off. 

Excellent quality, good service, reasonable prices


I often have to get my suits dry cleaned, as I have to wear them 4 days a week, so finding a place that is reasonably priced was of the utmost importance to me. This place is FAR less expensive than anyone else I've found. If you prepay for dry cleaning, its $2.50 per article. So you can get a full suit or blazer/jacket combo done for $5. This is cheaper than anywhere else I've found in town, and I felt like I was being assaulted when I had to pay $10 or so per article in Santa Fe. Service is always prompt and decently friendly, and I've never had anything lost or damaged by these guys, and I've been going to them for years. Fully recommend them.

Peter H.

Scott M.

Clayton A.

​Leighbee Jenke