Drapery Cleaning Services

​Drapery Cleaning Services

The ABQ Cleaners offers methodical drapery cleaning services for businesses and homeowners in the Albuquerque area. Curtains are oftentimes neglected and should be cleaned periodically to avoid the need for frequent replacement. These additions create an elegant atmosphere in interior design, but can gradually accumulate a lot of dust and dirt as time goes on. To prevent fabric dulling and allergies or discomfort for the members of your household, bring in your drapes for professional cleaning.

Our trusted professionals inspect curtains to determine the safest cleaning method. Recommended techniques are based on the recommendations of the manufacturer or the type of fabric used. These practices include dry-cleaning, steaming, and washing. Our curtain cleaning service is careful and performed by experienced experts to ensure that fabric colors stay vibrant, your residence or establishment remains fresh, and your windows are beautifully framed.

We provide professional drapery cleaning to homes and businesses alike. Get a quote for your drapes and blinds today. The ABQ Cleaners can also handle delicate silk curtains, as well as do alterations and repairs. Rest easy and hassle-free, because our team is also available for drapery takedown and reinstallation when requested or necessary.

Silk Drapery Cleaning

We have an in-depth understanding when it comes to handling silk. At The ABQ Cleaners, we know that silk drapes are alluring and costly investments, meant to give a space a luxurious feel. Such a fine fabric must be handled delicately by well-informed professionals. That is why we offer silk drapery cleaning services so our Albuquerque customers can confidently feel that their curtains are in good hands.

Whether your curtains are silk dupioni, taffeta, or artificial, we can provide appropriate care. An initial inspection will point out stains and ascertain condition, as well as determine which cleaning procedure would suit your type of fabric best. Some methods may include but are not limited to steam and dry-cleaning. Hand treatment for particularly problematic areas may be required for an optimal remedy.

The ABQ Cleaners serve homeowners and businesses alike with drapery cleaning services.. Alongside offering expert silk curtain cleaning, we are also willing to visit your residence or commercial establishment to help you take down your drapes and reinstall them after the job is done. Entrust the complex task of cleaning your silk drapes to us for superior service, meticulous handling, and quality results.

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Commercial Drapery Cleaning

Commercial establishments have high standards to uphold when it comes to sanitation. We provide professional drapery cleaning services for curtains and blinds for both residences and businesses in Albuquerque. If your office, restaurant, showroom, or hotel is decorated with drapes, bring them to us at The ABQ Cleaners to free your space from dirt and discomfort.

Drapes lend that extra sophistication to a room, but such luxuries must be matched with diligent upkeep and commercial drapery cleaning. They can collect unwanted particles, cause allergic reactions, and release dust when disturbed. Where people work or where discerning guests should feel welcome and comfortable, which is why we offer drapery cleaning for businesses in order to keep an environment spick and span. Assigning your professional business drapery cleaning to our experts can prove an efficient, cost-effective, and guaranteed way to promote the cleanliness and unwavering vibrance of your business space.

The ABQ Cleaners can receive your required volume, assess the optimal cleaning methods for different fabrics, and perform in a manner both careful and timely. We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to handling different kinds of drapes, curtains, and blinds. We even treat silk and other more exotic materials. Aside from our drapery cleaning services, you may also avail of our convenient takedown and reinstallation process. We also do alteration, restoration, and repair. Cut down on precious time, preserve the harmony of your space, and make sure the job is done thoroughly and properly with us.

Benefits of Blind & Drapery Cleaning

The upkeep of drapery panels, blinds, and curtains is an important aspect of maintaining the cleanliness of a space. These pleasant additions to a room make for elegant design decisions, but without understanding how to clean draperies they can also cause trouble down the line if neglected. We understand that drapes can be costly investments with great aesthetic rewards, which is why it is important to care for them with proper drapery cleaning.

Whether you have pleated drapes, door drapes, or any kind, they can be easy to overlook when cleaning a space. Accumulated dirt, dust, and pollutants are less conspicuous on them than they would be on other surfaces. The large amounts of fabric utilized in their construction, together with the repeated pleating or folding that naturally occurs with use, make for a significant surface area size for unwanted particles to stick. It’s important to get your blinds cleaned because when just slightly disturbed, allergens and pollutants are released from filthy drapes contributing to your discomfort, your family’s, colleagues, and guests’.

Without due diligence, drapes will lose their vibrance and beauty. The prolonged presence of dirt can even lead to damage and deterioration due to fungi and fabric weakness. Different kinds of window covers require different cleaning methods. Entrusting the task to someone who really knows how to clean curtain blinds is key. Some fabrics can take regular washing. Some fare best with steam. Others require dry-cleaning. Oftentimes, custom and ready-made drapes are multilayered and feature linings for added weather protection. The combination of several fabric types may entail a more complex procedure when cleaning draperies.

Regular vacuuming, dusting, and airing out are good ways to maintain drapes and blinds, but periodic professional cleaning is highly recommended to achieve the best results. Due to the fabric construction, complexity, and expensive quality of many curtains and blinds, it is always recommended by interior designers that owners should avail of professional drapery cleaning services every now and then. Have peace of mind with The Cleaners on Loma, knowing your drapes are in the good hands of trusted and experienced specialists.

Drapery Cleaning Cost

We offer an impressive variety of professional garment cleaning at affordable prices. Our staff at The ABQ Cleaners are experienced, quick, efficient, friendly, and versatile. Aside from normal laundry, we offer reasonably priced drapery cleaning services, bridal gown cleaning and preservation, as well as commercial drapery cleaning and all manners of alterations.

Get a 20% discount of a maximum of $20 on your first order with us (not including leather, suede, curtains, and alterations. Avail of other money-saving programs like our VIP Card, Public Service Discounts, or School Discounts. Seniors and military members also receive discounts. Businesses and organizations such as schools, church groups, sports teams, restaurants, choirs, and employees can also strike relationships with our company in order to provide markdowns for their members’ uniforms.