Faculty Members - ABQ Cleaners has served the Albuquerque area for over 17 years and is one of the best dry cleaning businesses in the city.  We love being a part of the Albuquerque community and want to offer a special dry cleaning discount to the faculty members at UNM, CNM, and APS.   We offer diverse services, like same day service, wash & fold services, and alterations, as well as high quality on-site dry cleaning.  Let us use our professional corporate cleaning services to reduce the stress in your life!  Ask us about our professional dry cleaning, tailoring and laundering. That will be one less task on your ‘to-do’ list.  

Doctors and Medical - To our future doctors, nurses and other medical students who are diligently studying at UNM or CNM we offer a dry cleaning discount on our wash and laundry services for uniforms, gowns, lab coats, etc… The owners and staff at ABQ Cleaners know how hard you are working to become future doctors, nurses and medical professionals.  Let us help you keep your professional uniforms crisp and clean with the best dry cleaning prices in Albuquerque.  ABQ Cleaners can also take excellent care of your personal dry cleaning, tailoring and laundering needs.  Come into ABQ Cleaners and ask for our special dry cleaning coupon.

Maintenance and Groundskeepers - ABQ Cleaners appreciates the learning environment inside of the buildings at UNM, CNM and APS, but we can’t ignore the excellent upkeep of the grounds and buildings at all of these facilities.  Thanks to the hard working and dedicated maintenance and grounds keeping staff for each of the campuses.  ABQ Cleaners proudly offers great laundry service prices and discounts for all of your laundering and finishing service needs.  ABQ Cleaners welcomes all of the maintenance and grounds keeper staff at UNM, CNM, and APS and are pleased to offer you affordable and professional wash and laundry services.    

Sports teams and organizations - All work and no play is...well, no fun!  So here’s to all of our sports teams and organizations for each of our schools within Albuquerque Public Schools as well as the University of New Mexico.  The bulk laundry service as well as the speciality laundry service for school uniforms and costumes are offered to our students, teams and organizations at discounted laundry prices. ABQ Cleaners will keep each team and organization’s uniforms looking sharp.

VIP Staff Services

Corporate Teams - ABQ Cleaners offers quality corporate dry cleaning services at an affordable price.  We offer concerned care for your garments. At ABQ Cleaners your corporate team will always look their best with expertly cleaned and pressed garments with alterations provided as needed.  For the busy corporate professional team, ABQ Cleaners offers same day service with clean chemical dry cleaning provided on our premises.  

Small Business Teams - First impressions matter! What better way to make an impression for your small business than sharp dressed team members?  Let ABQ Cleaners provide your small business team with quality dry cleaning.  We provide clean chemical dry cleaning with express and same day service for your small business team.  Bring in your business teams’ dress shirts and polo shirts and let us utilize our experience with professional laundry wash and finishing services to prolong the life of the investment in your business team’s shirts.  

Sales Teams - A good sales team is one that works well as a whole unit.  Let the unity of your professional sales team shine with expertly done dry cleaning services.  ABQ Cleaners brings more than 17 years of dry cleaning, laundering, and tailoring services to Albuquerque.  We provide excellent laundering with pressing and steaming finishing services so that your sales team’s garments stay sharp. ABQ Cleaners offers Albuquerque’s top sales teams professional and affordable laundering services at affordable prices. 

Professional Staff - By offering a discounted price of laundering and finishing services for your professional staff members’ business shirts, you can ensure that all members are ready for work each day.  Your investment in your professional staff’s business shirts with your business logo proudly presented will go further with professional dry cleaning services.  Let ABQ Cleaners provide you with Albuquerque’s most experienced and expert dry cleaning and laundering services for your professional staff members.  

State Fair Ground / The Downs

Casino Staff -  ABQ Cleaners offers professional corporate dry cleaning and specializes in laundering and cleaning serves for business uniforms.  A group wash and laundering discount is offered to your casino staff when uniforms are brought into ABQ Cleaners for executive cleaning services.  Let ABQ Cleaners help keep your casino staff looking sharp with Albuquerque’s best drying cleaning and laundering services.  

Hospitality Staff -  The hospitality staff for NM’s casinos provide a first impression that your customers will  experience at your casino.  Let that impression be a fantastic one with corporate business attire that is cared for with excellent drying cleaning and finishing services provided by ABQ Cleaners of Albuquerque.  ABQ Cleaners has over 17 years of experience in providing quality corporate dry cleaning for a variety of businesses in Albuquerque.  NM casinos leave a lasting impact on many visitors to our state.  Let ABQ Cleaners take care of your casino’s hospitality staff’s uniforms.  We offer professional dry cleaning and laundering services at the best dry cleaning prices in Albuquerque.  .

State Fair Staff - The NM State Fair is a time for NM to show off our great state!  ABQ Cleaners can provide efficient and professional dry cleaning and laundering services to ensure that all staff at the NM State Fair look their best.  We can offer a discount on corporate dry cleaning and guarantee the best laundering, dry cleaning and finishing services in Albuquerque.  

Ground Keeping Staff -  At ABQ Cleanerswe know how hard all of the grounds keeping staff at the NM State Fair Grounds work to keep the grounds and buildings looking good.  We want to offer a discount on corporate laundering and finishing services for the NM State Fair grounds keeping staff. Keep the NM State Fair uniforms looking like new with the experience and excellent corporate dry cleaning services that ABQ Cleaners provides.   

Group Services