One of the most luxurious clothing fabrics available today, silk has long been valued for its incredibly soft feel and vibrant sheen. The material has also long been associated with wealth and formality, and for much of human history, it was solely the province of the upper classes. While silk has dropped considerably in price and is now within the reach of most Americans, this delicate and pricey material still demands that respect and care be taken whenever wet cleaning the fabric.

Silk is a naturally produced fiber that is woven into many luxury clothing and bedding items. However, because it is a natural protein fiber, created when the mulberry silkworm spins its cocoons, it must be handled with great care to retain its original luster. Even a substance as common as water can cause irreversible damage to this fragile fiber, which is why so many guides emphasize the need for professional dry cleaners in Albuquerque to handle silk cleaning and spot removal.

Water: Silk’s Kryptonite

If you own an expensive silk item, such as a dress, shirt, or tie, and you notice a stain on the item, you may be tempted to quickly wet a towel to wipe a stain, rather than paying the extra fee to have the garment professionally cleaned by a cleaner in Albuquerque. Don’t! Silk is very vulnerable to water damage, which is why silk dry-cleaning in Albuquerque is so highly recommended. If silk is rubbed when wet, it can lead to very pronounced chafing, which can completely ruin the look of the garment. Furthermore, any exposure to water can cause a silk garment to shrink, lose color, and even develop unsightly watermarks. 

Silk Dry Cleaning in Albuquerque

Very few dry cleaners in Albuquerque are prepared to properly care for a silk garment. That’s why ABQ Cleaners is widely considered to be the best dry cleaning service in Albuquerque: our trained team of specialists will clean your priceless silk garment the right time, every time, helping to ensure that your formalwear is always up to the task when you need it most.

How does it work?

As soon as your silk garment is dropped off at our dry cleaners in Albuquerque, it is checked for pronounced stains, tears, and holes to avoid damaging the garment further. After an initial inspection, the silk dry cleaning process begins by placing the garment in a device that looks suspiciously like a washing machine but is filled with a dry cleaning solvent that removes stains from your clothes without soaking them with water. You end off with brand-new clothes, without any of the visible damage that home, water-based cleaning would cause. 

Spot Cleaning & Wet Cleaning Silk Garments