Why Dry Clean Your Clothes?

If you are like most consumers and professionals, you have probably dropped suits, dresses, and other delicate clothes off at the dry cleaners for years, with little thought given to the subject. Alternatively, you may have skipped the dry cleaners periodically over the past few years, sometimes to disastrous results. 

Dry cleaning, a method to remove stains from your clothing without the use of water, has been around since at least the 1850s, but the public is still relatively uninformed about the process and what clothes need dry cleaning. Read our guide to learn which clothes should be dry cleaned, and to receive a dry cleaning coupon for your next Albuquerque clothing needs.

What is Dry Cleaning?

The dry cleaning process utilizes specialized cleaning products to clean clothing without damaging the fibers or causing shrinkage, which can happen when fibers are exposed to water. Clothes are placed into a machine along with a clean solvent, and everything is agitated to allow the chemical to penetrate your clothing and remove the stains along with the dirty solvent through an exit valve. Warm air is then used to dry the clothes and remove any remaining solvent from the fibers. The ABQ Cleaners specializes in environmentally-friendly dry cleaning solvents; reach out to our dry cleaners in Albuquerque today to learn more about our green dry cleaning process.

Which Clothes Should Be Dry Cleaned?

Some items are best served by being cleaned by a professional cleaner in Albuquerque. For example, expensive professional wear, such as wool suits, dress shirts, dresses, skirts, and military uniforms should always be dry cleaned to preserve the expensive garments. In addition, items made of silk, with beading or sequins, and with a lining, should always be taken to the dry cleaners for specialized care. 

The ABQ Cleaners specializes in performing green dry cleaning on your valuable clothing items. We work with corporate clients, professionals, and the medical field. In addition, we are proud supporters of the United States military and we offer group rates and individual discounts for members of the armed forces. Reach out to our customer service team today to learn about our current specials and coupons for dry cleaning in Albuquerque.

Why Dry Clean Your Clothes?